About Us

EducationalRoundup is founded by a group of parents who all went through the arduous process of finding kindergartens and schools for their children in recent years. During our kindergarten and school searches, the dearth of online information platforms struck us hard. And, thus was born the idea of facilitating parents by providing them the information they need and much more – all on one platform. EducationalRoundup brings you the experience of other parents to help you make better schooling choices.

​School search is a taxing process. There are many options and too much opinions, if you start asking around. We aim to help you understand what you need to know and what you need to consider before selecting kindergartens, daycares and schools. Pakistan’s education industry has a lot to offer, but what works well for one may not suit the other. The best decision is the one based on your personal circumstances and your child’s needs. This is where we come in! For all the parents out there – whether your child is just starting school or is in transition from one class to another, whether you are a working parent or a single parent looking for a day care with school, it is essential to ask the right questions when making this important decision.

​In short, we’re here to fill in a substantial information gap, transforming the way you will conduct the school hunt in the future. You won’t have to rely on word of mouth or family references to find the best institution. We will give you a roundup of best schools in your locality, admission timelines, guidance on admission process, updates on important events along with a comparative analysis on fee, curriculum and extra-curricular activities.

​As parents ourselves, we understand education is not limited to academics. EducationalRoundup is also your go-to forum for expert advice on children’s behavioral health, social development, personality development, independence, discipline and other relevant aspects.

​Stay tuned for an enriching journey!