Want to improve writing skills of your child?

Every piece of media, no matter the industry, requires written work. Not all writing is the same, but a solid core will allow your child to excel in multiple areas, not limited to writing. Writing is used in all fields, not just stories or research, but in every aspect of our everyday lives, especially in our communication skills. Here are some tips to allow your child to excel in Writing:

1. Storytelling: Allow your son or daughter to write (or tell) you stories such as daily events to improve their recollection of events and boost their ability to express their thoughts in creative and expressive patterns. When they realize they have reached an area in which they have difficulty conveying the story, they’ll understand the need to improve their writing skills.

2. Time Your Child: An important aspect is that whether your child is just beginning and using a pencil or crayon or is a bit older and requires a computer, time your child to that they get used to their writing or typing speed. This will allow them to have a rough idea of how to allocate their time during tests or projects. It may even encourage them to beat their times, but do keep an eye on handwriting or spelling mistakes.

3. Praise their Work. Your child needs mental stimulation to keep enjoying the craft while also receiving ample feedback to improve.

4. Refrain from Writing for Them. Always allow your son or daughter to keep doing the work themselves so they are always comfortable in relying on themselves.

5. Focus on Summaries. Most people are not comfortable with blocks of text, on paper or digitally. It’s best to break up the story, events, or paragraphs per topic and context and mainly focus on the critical factors. If they can keep the text concise, then the message will flow better.

6. Allow Room for Experimentation. You never know where your child’s mind can linger or what kind of imagination is seeping in their minds. Allow writing as a tool of expression to let them speak creatively and artistically.

7. Find their Niche. There are many different areas where your child could excel in. It could be creative, or simply academic. There are a lot of fields in which they can master their craft, especially after learning a new skill and then writing about it.

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