10 Best Primary and Middle Schools in Peshawar

Education system in KPK has undergone several reforms over the past few years. Increasing urbanization towards Peshawar has resulted in improved quality of both public and private schools in the city. Based on teaching methodology, school facilities, academic and extracurricular performance, we have prepared a list of top ten primary and middle schools in Peshawar.

Roots Millennium School

Founded in 1988 by Mrs. Riffat Mushtaq (Aizaz-e-Fazeelat), Roots School System is a rapidly expanding network that is imparting international standard of education and curriculum in Pakistan. Roots Millennium Schools are ISO 9001:2008 certified schools under the umbrella of Roots School System. The vision of RMS is based on three E’s: Exposure, Expansion and Exploration. RSS has transformed teaching paradigms with new concepts and training methods to over 10,000 teachers on its credit. The alumni of RSS have secured more than $40 million in scholarships globally including Ivy League Universities. Apart from the extracurricular activities of sports, debates, dramatics, language classes, and arts & crafts, RMS offers several after-school classes of Robotics, nanotechnology, Eco-literacy for environment, food and nutrition programs, space and beyond and other technological courses.

The fee structure for RMS Peshawar is around Rs. 17,000 to Rs. 23,000.

Peshawar Model School

Established in 1979, Peshawar Model Schools (PMS) come under the umbrella of Peshawar Model Educational Institutes (PMEI). The vision of PMEI is to be a trendsetter in education with a system that helps students to become critical thinkers, communicators and responsible citizens. PMS also places high emphasis on wholesome approach to education by fusing academics, co-curricular activities, personal and social life of students. Since its establishment, PMS has expanded to 17 schools both for girls and boys and has been one of the most well reputed schools in Peshawar. Teachers’ ongoing training has been at the core of PMS to make teachers reflective thinkers, and innovators. PMS offers education based on Cambridge International System and has classes from preschool to O-levels with and without option for Hifz-e-Quran. PMS offers various co-curricular activities for students including Kidzpreneurship seminars and workshops, cricket, sports Olympiad, arts and crafts, debates and dramatics. The fee structure for PMS is Rs. 4950 along with Rs. 2000 for transport if availed.

LGS Peshawar

Lahore Grammar School Peshawar is one of the well-reputed schools in Pakistan for its academic excellence. The school was established in 1979 by a group of women belonging to different professional backgrounds. Since then LGS has opened up around 24 campuses in Lahore and other cities including Peshawar. LGS Peshawar offer education from Preschool to Matric and O/A levels. The vision of LGS Peshawar is based on providing education and awareness to students regarding contemporary issues and develop their personalities to convert knowledge into active commitment in different goals of life. The school follows Cambridge International System and has curriculum based on international standards. LGS Peshawar has similar standards and facilities available as the main campuses of LGS in Lahore. The facilities provided by the campus includes public speaking, community services, ICT, science labs, writing, music, dramatics, sports, cooking, arts and crafts, board games, and many more. The O and A levels students at LGS Peshawar have a record of excellent academic results which results in frequent placements in top universities of Pakistan.

The fee structure of LGS Peshawar is around Rs. 12,000 to Rs. 18,000.

Bloomfield Hall School

Established in 1984 in Lahore by educationists from UK and Pakistan, Bloomfield Hall has built a great repute over the years and has expanded in many cities since. In Peshawar, BHS opened its two main campuses, one junior branch for Reception to Class 4 and senior branch for Grade 5 to O/ A levels. The school provides modern education in line with international practices of pedagogy. The education philosophy of BHS is based on developing lively and enquiring minds while keeping respect and tolerance as main trait of students at the school. BHS offers several facilities for its students including Computers and Science labs, swimming pool, audio-visual rooms, outdoor sports grounds for cricket, football, badminton, athletics and table tennis, gymnastics, yoga & aerobics, after school clubs for chess, choral music, karate, drama and arts, and cooking classes. The Alumni from BHS are placed in several top of the league universities locally and internationally.

The fee structure for BHS is around Rs. 15,000.

Peshawar Grammar School

Established in 1994, Peshawar Grammar School (PGS) is a well reputed school in Peshawar. PGS’s vision is to build an education system based on imagination, creativity and learning. PGS provides education from preschool to high school and places high emphasis on extra-curricular activities as well. PGS provides education from preschool to Grade VIII and has adopted curriculum based on International education systems like Cambridge International. The school offers several co-curricular activities to its students including dramatics, music, debates, cooking and religious events like milaad, sports festivals, tug wars, science projects, math club and many more.

The fee structure for Peshawar Grammar School is around Rs. 9300.

Beacon House School System

Beacon House School System (BSS) is one the most well-established and largest network of schools in Pakistan. Established in 1975 by Mrs. Nasreen Kasuri, BSS now has over 315,000 students around the globe with its chains in UAE, Oman, UK, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines and Belgium. Committed to provide 21st century education to every level, BSS offers several approaches to curriculum including Reggio Emilia, Enhanced Learning Environment (ELE), Personal, Social Health Education (PSHE), Foreign Languages, Robotics, Music and Media. BSS also has one of the largest Teachers’ Training Program in Pakistan which makes its expanded and large number of campuses deliver quality education. BSS has over 7 branches in Peshawar and offers education from preschool to O/A levels. The school offers several extracurricular activities for students including Athletics, Football, Cricket, Basketball, Table Tennis, Swimming (in limited campuses), Netball, Throw ball and Fitness Training, Dramatics, Arts and Crafts, Debate society, Science and Math Club, Law society, environmental society, business club and many others. The BSS Alumni are among one of the well-placed graduates in Pakistan and abroad.

The fee structure for BSS is Rs. 13,000 to Rs. 27,000 (depending on Campus and Grade).

Forward System of Education

Forward System of Education (FSE) was established in 1950s, soon after the independence of Pakistan. FSE is one of the pioneers in private schools in Pakistan after most of non-Muslim private schools started closing down across the country. FSE provides one of the best academic opportunities for students in KPK with its international standards of pedagogy skills and 21st century curriculum. FSE has both co-education as well as separate boys and girls schools under Forward Public School with around 10 branches across KPK. The vision of FSE is to provide education that inculcates spirit of discipline, spirituality, morality and dedication in students and make them responsible citizens. The school provides education from preschool to 8th grade and then college for matriculation/ Intermediate level. FSE has a history of proud achievers and performers in Pakistani market which makes its academic performance above many in the city. FSE also provides facilities for co-curricular activities including sports, science and invention lab, dramatics, events, library and Islamic society. Moreover, FSE is very affordable compared to the facilities and academic excellence it provides.

The fee structure for FSE is around Rs. 4500 to Rs. 5700.

Alma Mater School System

Established in 1980s, Alma Mater School System is founded by various educationists and futuristic leaders and graduates from around the globe. The vision of Alma Mater Peshawar is to empower students with positive attitude and become self-assured, responsible and economically productive citizens. AMSS offers education from preschool to matriculation and places high emphasis on wholesome approach to education. AMSS offers several co-curricular activities and their related facilities to students including Karate, football, debates, dramatics, arts and crafts, field trips, religious events, science lab, math club and many more activities.

The fee structure for AMSS is around Rs. 5900.

Warsak Model School & College

Warsak Model School and College is a high quality educational institute that aims at imparting education with modern means of teaching and learning. WMSC was formed in 1991 to provide international standard of education to middle and lower middle class of KPK. The curriculum is designed based on Cambridge International education system. The school provides education from preschool to Matric/ Intermediate level and have achieved several prominent results in past years. WMSC provides education from preschool to Matric level. The vision of WMSC is to help students become well civilized, productive and ethical citizens of Pakistan through academic and extra-curricular activities. WMSC offers several co-curricular activities including arts and crafts, sports, debates, dramatics, music, religious events, science projects, library, and funfairs.

The fee structure for WMSC is around Rs. 3360 to Rs. 3990.

The City School

Established in 1978, TCS is one of the largest network of schools in Pakistan. TCS has 153 campuses in 49 cities around the country and serves a large population in Pakistan. The mission of TCS is to provide high quality education through its Value-Based Education Programme which includes core values of respect, peace, love, honesty, humility and many other factors. The alumni of TCS are well represented in various fields of industry and hold great future prospects. TCS has 7 branches in Peshawar that offer education from preschool to O/A-levels. The matriculation system is available in few campuses for students who are not eligible for appearing in O-levels. The extracurricular activities offered by TCS include arts classes, science lab, ICT rooms, music and drama clubs, debates club, sports including basketball, cricket, table tennis, badminton, playgrounds and many more. These facilities vary from campus to campus.

The fee structure for TCS varies between Rs. 11,000 and Rs. 18,000.

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