10 Best Primary and Middle Schools in Islamabad

Islamabad has the highest literacy rate among big cities in Pakistan and has been catering to students from various parts of the country specifically Rawalpindi and Northern areas of Pakistan. We have created a well-researched list of 10 best primary and middle schools in Islamabad on basis of teaching quality, campus facilities, alumni performance as well as including options accessible to different classes.

The Millennium Education

Claiming to be the Millennials of 21st Century, The Millennium Education (TME) has been imparting most innovative form of education since 1988. TME is one of the pioneers in adopting modern teaching methodology, curriculum, faculty and creativity with a vision to change education paradigm in Pakistan. The school was established by Mrs. Riffat Mushtaq (Aizaz-e-Fazeelat) and her son Faisal Mushtaq (Tamgha-e-Imtiaz) and has been developing mentally, socially, physically and culturally strong batches of students. TME provides education from preschool level to IGCSE/A/AS level. TME is also pioneer in introducing STEM education under its Intel Information Communication Technology (IICT) division. The Extended Learner Development (ELD) Programme provides an opportunity for interested students to expand their knowledge in computer sciences. Since 2015, TME is also a certified Microsoft Show Case School in Pakistan and is the only Microsoft Mentor School since 2010. TME also offers language courses in German and Chinese along with English language. The extracurricular activities at TME includes Kitchen labs, STEM robotics, Artsy Artistic Club, Avid Readers Club, Sporty Athletes Club, Nature’s Creatures Club, Dramatics, Music Maestros Club, Environmental and WWF Club, Debates and Declamation Club, Law and Mooting Club, Microsoft Club, Launch-X Club, Fashion & Photography Club, The Millennial Entrepreneurial Society, Digital Entrepreneurial Society, and Girls Up Club.

Sehberg School System

Sehberg School System (SSS) is a highly reputable educational institute in Islamabad that provides education from Pre-nursery to O’ levels/ SSC as well as Cambridge IGCSE system. The vision of SSS is to nurture children into confident and creative citizens with an integrated approach to education.The school follows National Curriculum with special focus on Mathematics, English, ICT, Science, and Geography. At senior school level, the school offers three types of educational curriculum: Matriculation system, O-Levels and Cambridge IGCSE. Moreover, the school places special emphasis on extra-curricular activities and games to create wholesome personalities of students.

The fee structure for SSS is around Rs. 7,500 till grade V and Rs. 8,500 for Grade VI to IX. For O-Levels, the fee charges are Rs. 11,500. Moreover, a 20% quota is retained for students who cannot afford fees of school.

Schola Nova

Schola Nova was established in 1998 as a private school in Islamabad and since then has grown to be among the top schools in the city. Schola Nova provides education from Pre-Nursery to O’ levels and is among pioneer schools to inculcate most updated curriculum for the students. The vision of Schola Nova is intellectual, physical, moral, cultural and spiritual development of its students and to ensure that their progress is based on requirements of 21st century. Schola Nova’s co-curriculum is based on seven main elements: STEAM through inclusion of Technology, Math, Science and Arts in main curriculum as well as extra classes, Life Skills through workshops, Performing Arts through recital and drama activities, Sign language through use of Pakistan Sign Language (PSL) curriculum, Music and Language classes and lastly, Nazra through recitation and understanding of Holy Quran. The co-curriculum at Schola Nova is different from other schools in various ways. The life skills activities involve civic responsibilities, self-grooming, table manners, and stress and anger management. Schola Nova is the only school in Pakistan that has PSL based curriculum to make its students interact positively with differently-abled.

International Grammar School and College

International Grammar School and College (IGSE) was established in 1982 as a single campus institution with an aim that ‘smaller is better’. IGSE is a family owned institution which claims to have their own generations studied in the same institute for past three decades, making it a non-commercial school with focus on character development. The school provides education from Pre-Nursery to Grade X where students are prepared for Cambridge IGCSEs. The vision of IGSE is to create an environment of wellness with discipline, books with sports, and lectures with technology. IGSE maintains a 1:25 teacher-student ratio and has successfully blended academics with co-curricular activities like sports, ICT, science labs and arts activities. The sports at IGSE includes basketball, cricket, soccer, and volleyball. The school also has a permanent psychologist and therapist at its panel to ensure mental health of its students and availability of help.

The fee structure for IGSE is around Rs. 17,000Rs. 22,000.

Head Start School

Established in 1991, Head Start School is considered among the top schools in the city. HSS provides education from Pre-nursery to Cambridge GCSE/ O-levels and A-levels. HSS has the privilege to be first IB-PYP authorized school in Islamabad/Rawalpindi. The vision of HSS is to train students to be more humane with moral courage while providing them skills for local leadership and global fluency. HSS has around 11 campuses in Islamabad/ Rawalpindi with student to faculty ratio of 20:1. The curriculum offered by HSS is integrative and at par with international standards. The school offers extra classes in Robotics and is also a host for Head Start School Model United Nations (HSMUN). The extracurricular activities offered by school include Martial Arts, Athletics, Soccer, Volleyball, Cricket, Basketball, Yoga, Zumba, Science Lab and Math classes. HSS students have a record of placement with top universities in the country which makes it a worthy choice for parents.

The City School

The City School (TCS) is one of the largest chains of educational institutes in Pakistan. TCS was established in 1978 in Karachi and now has over 150,000 students in 49 cities. TCS, over the years, has earned great repute for its alumni and their performance in exams and placement in industry. For CAIE A levels exams in 2019, 71% students from TCS obtained A/A*, 55% students attained 3 A’s and 120 students were high achievers. TCS also provides scholarships worth 25% of tuition fee to 100% waiver for students securing at least 3 A’s. Apart from an integrated and contemporary curriculum, TCS offers Youth Development Programmes (YDP) for Middle and Senior school students. The YDP conduct workshops related to issues such as Sensitivity to Underprivileged and Minorities, Teenage Menace, Energy and Water Conservation, Deforestation, Compassion for elders and many other social issues. Moreover, Center for Educational Professional Development (CEPD) at TCS is established for continuous enhancement of teaching and learning standards through trainings and workshops for educationists and administration of schools. ICTech is another major element of curriculum at TCS where technical and practical knowledge of IT is provided to students and is integrated in form of Word Processing, Programming, Photo Editing, Animation, Robotics, Operating Systems and Presentations. Other co-curricular activities including music, arts and crafts, debates, science labs and sports, vary from campus to campus.

Super Nova School

Super Nova School (SNS) has established itself a great reputation over a short span of time. The vision of SNS is to enable students to become wholesome personalities with focus on academic, extracurricular as well as social and cultural values. SNS offers education from Preschool level to O/ A-levels and iGCSEs. SNS students attain a long list of high achievers every year in O and A-levels. The school has different campuses for Preschool, Primary and Senior sections. The school organizes several events around the year for sports, recitation, debates, arts and crafts, science club and many others.

The fee structure for Super Nova School is around Rs. 12,000Rs. 16,000 for Junior Branch, Rs. 20,000 for O-levels and Rs. 28,000 for A-levels.

Oxbridge Islamic Grammar School

Established in 2009, Oxbridge Islamic Grammar School is an excellent educational institute that aims to create synergy between Islamic core values and modern curriculum as well as technological development in education. OIGS provides education from Preschool level to IGSC 3/ Matriculation level. The school graduates have been producing outstanding results since the beginning with 100% successful result achieved for past few years. OIGS has separate campuses for girls and boys and all campuses have up-to-date facilities of science and computer labs. The school organizes regular training programs for teachers and administrative staff to keep them updated with national and international pedagogy elements. The extracurricular activities at school include Martial Arts, Basketball, Debate, Qirat and Naat Khawani, Arts and Crafts, and ICT.

Beacon House School System

Beacon House School System (BSS) is one the most well-established and largest network of schools in Pakistan. Established in 1975 by Mrs. Nasreen Kasuri, BSS now has over 315,000 students around the globe with its chains in UAE, Oman, UK, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines and Belgium. Committed to provide 21st century education to every level, BSS offers several approaches to curriculum including Reggio Emilia, Enhanced Learning Environment (ELE), Personal, Social Health Education (PSHE), Foreign Languages, Robotics, Music and Media. BSS also has one of the largest Teachers’ Training Program in Pakistan which makes its expanded and large number of campuses deliver quality education. BSS has over 20 campuses in Islamabad, providing various levels of education from Pre-Nursery to A-levels. The school offers several extracurricular activities for students including Athletics, Football, Cricket, Basketball, Table Tennis, Swimming (in limited campuses), Netball, Throw ball and Fitness Training, Dramatics, Arts and Crafts, Debate society, Science and Math Club, Law society, environmental society, business club and many others. The BSS Alumni are among one of the well-placed graduates in Pakistan and abroad.

The fee structure for BSS is Rs. 13,000 to Rs. 27,000 (depending on Campus and Grade).

Froebel’s International School

Froebel’s International School (FIS) was established in 1975 with only 10 students and has now extended to 8 large campuses in 5 cities. The vision of FIS is to transform students into productive members of society who are confident, and adaptable thinkers. FIS provides education from pre-school level to IGCSE and A-levels. The educational curriculum is based on The International Primary Curriculum (IPC) for primary years while for lower secondary and upper secondary, pre-IGCSE and IGCSE curriculum is offered. FIS has a comprehensive Center for Professional Development (CPD) for facilitation, training and guidance of teachers based on international pedagogy skills. FIS also has an established Guidance Counseling Office for students which aims at providing academic, social, emotional and personal counseling and ensure well-being of students. FIS places heavy emphasis on physical and mental growth of students and that is why the extracurricular activities offered at school are wide-ranging. Co-curricular activities at FIS include athletics and sports including football, basketball, events, dramatics club, arts and crafts including pointillism, surrealism, abstract and 3D Art taught to students, music including piano, drums and tambourine.

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