Taekwondo Tips that will Utilize Your Child’s Captivating Mind


Dreams of flying the sky as we feel the rush of the air against our skin or the thrill of super strength as we lift the unimaginable. We all wish to do magical things or have superpowers, but what we forget is that our bodies can do so much more. Maybe you’ve grown out of it, but it’s a great opportunity to allow your child to experience a body bustling with energy and capability. Give them the chance to dabble in the art of Taekwondo so that they can master their physique and strengthen themselves with cool confidence as they muster the abilities tied to the tips of their fingers. Here are some tips to help them master the craft!

Follow these guidelines:

  • Chill. The first step towards mastery is to just breathe and enjoy the act. Take the craft at your own pace as tense muscles go out of your favor. Tensing makes your punches and kicks weak and slow, while also draining you of out stamina. Start the art with some light warm up and yoga, which will allow your body to loosen up.
  • Practice Makes Perfect. Keep diligent and discipline. You don’t need to practice every day, but setting a comfortable schedule to keep active will keep your body in sync while not burning you out. Another tip is that if you can add extra effort at home, you can outperform your peers at the Taekwondo class, especially in cardio and flexibility.
  • Keep Sparring and Stretching. The best use of Taekwondo comes in self-defense, and so the best way to practice the motor skills is to apply it in practice against a partner. Though it may take some belts to reach that point so keep reinforcing the first two steps. For stretching, it may feel confusing, but keep it for the end. This will allow your muscles to relax after a rigorous day of training. The act allows your body to make use of that pent up energy still lingering in your body.
  • Focus on your Core and Hamstrings. Kicking requires you to have a strong build to soak in the after-effects of a formidable kick. Exercises such as bicycle crunches, hanging crunches, mountain climbers, side crunches, Hindu squats, and jackknives help build a core.
  • Visualize. You can even practice without moving an inch. Imagine yourself in the act in perfect form. This can be done anywhere, so the next time you’re taking the bus home, try to close your eyes and imagine a stimulating sparring session. This works because visualization is tied to the same area of the brain when you physically act out.
  • Master the Basics and Listen to your Instructor. Simple right? Well, we all want to get into the action so we avoid the trivialities meant to ready us for the whole journey. Amazing spins and sudden strikes may seem flashy, but those come later. Master the fundamentals so that your advanced techniques land in harmony, without hurting yourself. And finally, have faith in your instructor because they’ve been through the same process so they understand the excitement.

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