Ways To Encourage Honesty In Your Children

Children are likely to lie somewhere along the way. They are not actually aware of consequences of lying to others when they start. Not every child do this, but those who lie have legitimate reasons in their minds. Children might lie to cover something up so they don’t get into trouble, to see how parents will react, to make a story more exciting, to get attention or to make themselves sound better and to avoid hurting someone’s feelings.

Telling a lie is the most bad and trust breaking act one can do to anyone. This is why parents have to keep an eye on their children to encourage and flourish HONESTY, and should take steps to put an end to lying.

Children can learn to tell lies from an early age 4-6 years. They might get better in telling lies by matching their facial expressions and their voice tone to what they are saying. They get confident too and lies get complicated, because as children grow older they have more words and they sense that how other people think. Whatever the lie, it’s a frustrating challenge for parents. But when we understand why kids lie, we can help our kids become honest.

Keep in mind the reasons why kids lie, we can develop an environment where they feel safe telling the truth. You can do this by emphasizing the importance of truth, then the children will know and understand that what are the consequences of lying and what can happen when they lie.

Talk to your child about lying and truth.
A conversation between you and your child will be helpful in which you ask him that ”how would you ( your child ) feel if your mom or dad tell you a lie ? ” or ask him ” What happens when you ( your child ) will lie to your teacher in school? ” This conversation will give him a chance to check whats the importance of truth.

Avoid situations in which your child feels need to lie.
Let say if you have asked your child to clean her cupboard and room, just give her time to set the things. Don’t keep checking every 10 minutes that if she has done the task or not. Rather you can help her in cleaning her room.

Get the truth.
While we catch them in a lie, blaming and accusing them will only make things worse and weird. Being a parent, you need to figure out and understand that why she couldn’t be able to tell the truth. Getting to the root of the problem is much needed. Start a conversation gently, and open up with your child by saying ” oh this is sad to hear, this sounds like a story to me. You are afraid to tell the truth and you must be worried about something. Lets talk about all this, what happened , tell me honestly and exactly. ”

Praise them on being honest and show the love.
Children need to be encouraged and appreciated when they do good things. So while practicing truth, its the time to praise them when they are being honest to everyone and you. Even if you are worried about whatever they did, let say he tells you that he broke the window of house while playing football outside. Tell him, ”I really appreciate you telling me what really happened. That must have been difficult for you, but I really appreciate you telling the truth, and showing responsibility of what you did.”

These tips will help you promote honesty in your children but one thing you should keep in your mind is be patient, because it takes time to build up trust.

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