4 Signs that your Child is Suffering from School-Related Anxiety

School related stress in students of all ages is not an uncommon phenomenon. However, the important part is to diagnose it correctly so you can work on its solution. Sometimes children are expressive or their symptoms are easily identifiable while at other times, it may not be so easy to identify the root cause of your child’s disruptive behaviour.

Parenting is tough as is and feeling like your child is suffering from stress in school can take a toll on your own mental health as well. So, before we start discussing this, please know that anxiety and stress can be very much dealt with. The first step is always awareness and that is what we will start with here!

What is Anxiety?

A continuous stream of stress-causing factors can eventually cause the build-up of anxiety within a person. It is a combination of fear and apprehension which demonstrates itself in various physical symptoms as well.

How to tell if your child is suffering from anxiety?

School-going children often tend to worry a bit too much about their studies. This can be due to parental pressure or simply a need to excel within the class. If not study related, it could be very much be caused by a lack of social acceptance within the school. Whatever the reason is, a child who is developing anxiety will start demonstrating some telltale signs. It is important to understand these signs to be able to timely help your child. Here are 4 signs you can keep an eye out for in case you fear that your child might be developing anxiety

Appetite Loss

You might have had way too many fights over unfinished plates but this appetite loss is different. You will notice your child might even stop requesting for that one favorite pizza place as well. Lots of lunchboxes will be returning untouched from the school. Meals of their choice will start seeming dreary to them and they will be pushing away more plates than usual. So, when bribing them with their favourite food stops working, it is time to take action

Unexplained Aches

Is your child complaining of unusual headaches or stomachaches? You are up at nights wondering what could be wrong with a seemingly healthy child who is complaining of these aches. You might even mark them as excuses to skip school. It could be the anxiety causing these unexplained physical symptoms in the children.

Extreme Mood Swings

This is one of the most obvious signs of anxiety among children. They will start crying over matters that did not bother them much previously. I was recently speaking to a mom who mentioned how her seemingly happy daughter burst out crying when asked to pay attention in class. Later she discovered she was suffering from anxiety due to not understanding the concepts well enough for a long time. Keep a lookout for a sudden increase in the bad-tempered episodes. Excessive social indulgence does not necessarily help these mood swings.

Aversion from Social Situations

Children usually love to spend time with their friends. If you notice your child being excessively averse of upcoming birthday parties, school trips and play areas, it might be time to become more alert. It could be a trait of an introvert personality but it is a major sign of anxiety among previously social children.

If you feel like your children are heading towards these signs or have been showing them for some time, it might be time to deal with the situation proactively. The importance of regular and candid communication with your children cannot be stressed enough. Begin by talking to your child about school and encourage them to open up about their problems. Support them in finding a solution. It is a journey to be completed with patience and perseverance.

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