Gain a Farm of Fun at The Learning Yard 1

The learning process at The Learning Yard follows Einstein’s “Learning is experience, everything else is just information”. According to the previous statement, the school offers a sublime educational experience for its students, not just basic education. The Learning Yard’s vision is to keep challenging their children in innovative ways. This is accomplished by tailoring activities at the students’ current level of thinking skills. The school offers a friendly atmosphere with a dedicated team. Project-Based Learning has been equipped along with focus on Creative Writing, Activity Rooms, Small Class Sizes, and Arts and Crafts.

What differentiates The Learning Yard is its project-based syllabus is conceived from the research of Educational Theory. Consequently, it follows the various rulings of the Learning Theory and Child Development. The school understands that teaching is a skill, and so has employed adept teachers to pass on their skills in literacy, math, science, social studies, and arts – among other fields.

The school is located at 431-D2, Wapda Town, Lahore.

Admissions are held throughout the year, as the academic year begins mid-August and is three terms long. The final exams are held in May. Admissions are based on Interviews with child and parent with Rs. 3000 registration fee, Rs. 10000 security deposit, Rs. 20000 admission fee, and a Rs. 11000 monthly fee. The school is located at 431-D2, Wapda Town, Lahore.

The teaching strategies follow either a child-initiated or a teacher-directed flow. The syllabus is designed to work with teachers, parents, and students. Rather than following a strict routine, the school tries to keep each learning segment fresh to keep the students active.

The main focus of the preschool is to help students in language, reading, writing, and maths to form a basic understanding of the learning process. Worksheets also help with forging logical and critical thinking skills too, from an early age. Everyday activities are painted with comprehensive thinking, storytelling, blocks and toys, arts, and music. Character building and discussions on a plethora of topics are conducted through the circle time to open the child’s mind.

The school emphasizes the engagement and collaboration between the teachers and their students and students with one another. This is maintained through the addition of activities and projects instilled into the core curriculum which optimize the student’s self-development. The simple teacher to student ratio aids in allowing each student to attain ample attention, suited towards his or her hobbies and capabilities.

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