Blossom a Beautiful Mind at Bloomfield Hall School

Originating in 1984, Bloomfield Hall was the idea of educationists from the UK and Pakistan. Standing as one of the nation’s dominant educational institutions, it aims to provide British style academics in Pakistan. Since its inception, the school has focused on 2 areas. It started opening schools in a plethora of cities within the nation and also aided the higher educational provision in the country. The educational institute’s mission is to act as a productive entity, offering prestigious environments for the students as they form and attain high standards of education.

Bloomfield distinguishes itself through wanting their students to feel satisfied, built a confident image, feel conscientious, and gear up for adult life. They do this by creating high expectations of the children, open their minds to curiosities and learning, offer equal chances for all students, molding respect and tolerance into the children, instilling them with self-worth, and put the children in the hands of motivated teachers.

Located at Gulberg, Johar Town, Askari X, Shah Jamal, Khayaban-e-Jinnah, and UCL in Lahore. Located at PWD in Islamabad, and other cities such as Bahawalpur, Faisalabad, Sargodha, Sialkot, and Multan.

Early year students only need basic linguistic skills and interviews to be admitted while older students have to sit a test focusing on English and Maths.

The curriculum is as follows:

Reception – English, numbers, senses, arts and crafts, and music.

Grades 1 to 3 – English, Maths, Urdu, Science, Social Studies, Music, Islamiat, Art, and Computer Science.

Grades 4 to 5 – English, Urdu, Maths, Science, Art, Islamiat, Music, Computer Science, and Social Studies.

Grades 6 to 7 – English Maths, Urdu, Science, Art, History, Computer Science, and Geography.

Grade 8 – English, Maths, Urdu, Pakistan Studies, Computer Science, Islamiat, and Sciences.

O Levels – English and Maths are compulsory, and optional courses such as Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Computer Sciences, English Literature, Economics, Accounting, Business Studies, Art and Design, Urdu, Pakistan Studies, and Islamiat.

A Levels – Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Computing, Economics, Accounting, Business Studies, Law, Urdu, Art and Design, English Literature, and Sociology.

The facilities offered by the school includes cricket, football, badminton, athletics, gymnastics, swimming, aerobics, yoga, table tennis, music, karate, drama, ballet, cookery and also offers competitions in poetry, handwriting, and singing.

The admission process requires filling the online form. The tuition fee is Rs. 15000 till grade 2 and Rs. 20000 for grades 3 and above.

The Lahore school acts as a sister institute and so offers courses from University of London too. It roots itself as a modern school with the contemporary systems and technology in academia, while providing a liberal and progressive atmosphere to motivate its students towards cognitive thinking.

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