Introduction to Science: Friendly Experiments that will Surprise Your Children

Children are curious little monsters. The best way to quench their thirst for the mysteries of life is to elaborate on big ideas using small experiments. They can be as simple as filling a tub of water with bath bombs. Or boiling some water and letting the water evaporate. And even writing with invisible ink. These types of simple experiments can open your child’s mind to what they would like to pursue in their futures.

Many children don’t understand why they learn what they do at school. This confusion soon turns into frustration. But with a steady balance of fascinating ideas, they can learn to think for themselves. This will help them with direction. Just the idea of experimentations while allowing them to think and try out different fields.

Not only will these experiments be fun but you can use them to introduce complex activities at a more down to earth level. This will ingrain them with a fun memory for when they tackle the topics in the future.

Here’s a list of some friendly experiments which will help your child

Make a Skittles Rainbow! All you need is a plate, some warm water, and yummy skittles – just don’t eat them before the experiment. Layers the Skittles around the edge of the plate and fill in the water from the middle. Let it run towards the end and watch science turn into magic! This may be a good opportunity to teach your child about light and the basics of optics, such as reflection.

How about some Dancing Rice? What you need is a glass, some water, baking soda, some vinegar, a sample of rice, and a spoon to give it a shake. Add water to the glass followed by baking soda. Make sure your rice is denser than the water and pour it in. It should sink. Now, add some vinegar and watch as the carbon dioxide makes the rice wiggle. This is a good time to introduce your child to the concept of respiration as well. For an extra bonus, you can add some food coloring of your choice to really see the stormy effect!

Another fun experiment is to check What Melts in the Sun. This is a great way to make use of sunny weather too, to make it a bit more bearable. Take a few day-to-day objects and place them in a cupcake tin. Allow your child to guess which objects will melt and how fast. We recommend you use a coin, an eraser, some Lego pieces, a piece of cheese, some chocolate, crayons, a pint of ice cream, a button, keys, and a wooden band. They might some unexpected results such as hot objects may not melt but they may heat up. This is a good opportunity to teach them about heat and conduction.

Here is a video demonstrating some simple yet effective activities you can try as well.

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