Develop Your Academic Skills with Choueifat Lahore’s SABIS Curriculum

Part of the global SABIS Network, Choueifat Lahore garners an international standing amongst its competition. The school believes every child has the potential to grow into an all-star with the capacity to master skills in the academic world and attain constant success. The foundations behind the studies is the motivation to instill everlasting thrill for education, critical thinking and logical reasoning. Fully accredited internationally, the co-educational English medium teaches students from KG-1 to Grade 12.

Since 1992, the school has been impart both the American and British educational systems, and so the students are mantled to take American exams such as SAT, TOEFL and AP exams and British exams such as IGCSEs, O Levels, AS and A Levels.

SABIS schooling believes that academic goals are achieved through:

  • Qualifying each student for university entrance
  • Mastery of English, math, and global languages
  • Training students in logical and critical thinking
  • Prepare students to keep intellectual effort sustainable durations
  • Exhibiting excitement for long-term learning

The school is situated at 662-G/1 Abdul Haque Road, Johar Town, Lahore. The admission process requires an interview and admission test.

Since the school stands as an international brand, the fee structure requires a $300 admission fee, and a year’s tuition fee of $3,042 to $5,463 (divided into thirds, in the case of installments).

The curriculum taught focuses on languages, math, sciences, and humanities. Art, music, physical education, computer studies, and French are also taught. The timings are 7:45 am to 2:15/3 pm for KG1 to Grade 4 and Grade 5 to Grade 12, respectively.

The SABIS system tests its students constantly with monthly CAT exams and weekly AMS exams. This is to keep the students up to date with the material they learned during the weeks or months.

The Playgroup Program focuses on sounds, numbers, communication, motor skills, and overall fun.

The ISC-Lahore High School Diploma consists of a 4-year curriculum from grades 9 to 12. Aside from obvious international exams, the school also prepares students for French DELF and DALF, and Chinese YCT.

The school also emphasizes the Student Life Organization where planning activities and overall management skills are taught to students in practical ways.

The facilities available are science labs, computer labs, art room, exam hall, Interactive White Board Classrooms, music room, library, indoor swimming pool, soccer and cricket field, badminton and table tennis hall, cafeteria and an indoor sports hall. Students can join clubs such as Art and Craft, Volleyball, Basketball, Drama, Debate, and even dabble in Science Fairs and Taekwondo. Students are advised to participate in international contests such as SABIS Stars, SABIS Regional Sports Tournament, SABIS Summer Camp in UK, SABIS Student Life Training Campus, and French and Chinese cultural trips.

The school also focuses on non-academic learning such as molding ethics and civic sense into the students, teaching the children to make informed decisions, keeping positive, involving students in extracurricular activities and school discipline, layer the students with tolerance and teamwork, and allow them to understand the diversity and similarities of their peers alike.

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