Introduction to Science: Let’s Learn about the Body

Our bodies are busy cities of fun and energy. It is important to teach our children what each organ does and how to keep it safe. Our body allows us to move around, talk to others, play games, and help each other out. This is why it’s important to educate your children how they use their bodies to maneuver through every day life.


The brain is the main organ that controls the entire body. Teach your child that their thoughts and need for food comes from their brains. Our skulls protect our brains with a protective coating. The brain makes humans curious and experiment. It tells us that when we should eat, sleep, or play. All of the other body parts are controlled by the brain and work together in harmony. Explain to your child that when they are cranky, it’s is their brain telling them that they are tired or sleepy.


Blow at a bell or some strings and show them the wonders of the breath. How all living beings need to breath to allow our blood to flow. It releases energy in our bodies. This is a great opportunity to introduce your children how to whistle too. This can be a fun way for them to learn how to use their bodies in a fun and interactive way.


The heart keeps our body alive. Place your child’s hand on your chest and allow them to feel the beat. Moreover, introduce them to their own pulse in their wrists. This will make them understand what it means to be alive. How the heart energizes the bodies and pumps blood. This could be a great gateway to the concept of respiration. This will allow your child to understand how exactly they receive their energy.


Your child may be wondering where the energy is stored. One yummy source of energy is the food we eat. Explain that when the stomach is empty we feel hungry. And when it is full, we feel heavy. Furthermore, it is the organ that breakdown the food so that it can be converted into energy. Recommend your child to have a fulfilling breakfast as it’s the best source of energy for the school day. This can be a cheeky idea to make them eat some vegetables so they will gain some energy.


To keep it simple, explain that the liver separates the bad from the food we eat. The liver is like a river which flows in juices to protect our bodies from harmful enemies in our food. Your child may find some clarity as to why they have to waste their precious fun time in the bathroom! The best way to reward your children is by a dose of chocolate, yes we said it. Small amounts of chocolate is good for the heart, but emphasis on the small amounts. For all the details click here.


Your child may even be surprised to learn that the skin is an organ and that is the largest one, in fact. The organs that gives us our looks and expressions is overlooked by most children. It isn’t wrong when they say “hiding in plain sight”. It’s the organ that your child uses to snuggle in his or her teddy bear, feel the warmth of your hugs, and cool bubbles of water.

Here is a fun example of the whole bodily process!

To learn even more about what the brain can do click here as Top Ten Science explains some facts!

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