These Tips will help You Unlock your Child’s Inner Genius

Genius is more of a state of mind than a way of life. But for your child, it’s a lot easier for them to activate. Studies have shown that you cannot force your child to be a genius. But there are ways to guide them towards their natural, latent abilities.

If realized early on, children with innate abilities tend to rise to lucrative positions. These include top CEOs, academics, billionaires, and other unique roles. But for your child to reach such a destination, they need proper coaching and guidance. Contrary to popular belief, children do not raise their own genius.

Here’s a refreshing video which will help your child think:

Genius comes from Uncharted Activities

The best way to search for talent in your child is by conducting their participation in a wide array of activities. Talent comes from the most natural habits and ability to think differently. Children with such an ability usually apply this without even knowing. It is your job to keep an eye for unusual yet natural tendencies in your child. Set out a plan which involves trying something new every week or even every day.

When you notice a sign of Genius in your Child, help them Develop it

Do not try to force your child to reenact a task or ask them how they did something. Focus on allowing them to practice the task naturally. This will remove any pressure they may otherwise feel. Your child is picking up new information all the time. Hence, if you force a task, then they will not only avoid the task itself but new experiences as a whole. When you notice something incredible try to put your child in that environment again at a steady pace. You can try it every day as a warm up sign and notice if they improve. This is a good way to know if the process was not a one-time thing.

Genius is a Blend of the Emotional and Intellectual Needs

Your child may stop exhibiting their innate ability. But it is not because they have forgotten how to use it. They may be feeling uncomfortable due to a hefty day at school. Or they may be stuck on a question itching their intellect. Slow down the activity and focus on clearing your child’s internal obstacle. This will free their minds and allow them to continue their natural flow.

Stimulate the Need for a Growth Mindset to depict signs of Genius

Your child may feel scared of their own success or the lack of it. They may feel that since they can do something well now or cannot do it at all, they may not ever do it. Instead of burning through it all, allow your child to take the process step by step. For example, when it comes to chess, the first step is to learn how each moves. Then would be to allow your child to form attacking procedures and then defending. There are more such as openings and the endgame and complete strategies. If you set your child for growth, not only will they improve but they will be fascinated by what they are doing. It’s a great way to balance learning and enjoyment. This can generally be a good way to introduce your child to Chess.

Genius requires taking Risks and Embracing Failure

This comes back to the experimentation. Your child needs new experiences to grow and the best way is being open to failure. The sooner your child realizes that failing will allow them to find new solutions, the better they will perform. But do not let them fail too much. Children get bored and if they keep failing, they will avoid the task. It is up to you to squeeze in small successes for your child to keep their drive.

Avoid Labels such as Genius or Gifted

All this does is distance your child from their friends. Your child will feel lonely and cursed for having a unique talent and may wish to throw it away. It is vital that your child feels accepted so try to avoid spreading the news about their ability. Allow them a timetable to practice. At other times, your child should practice something else or just play with their friends. This is part of the growth process.

Set up a Learning Plan together with the School

Studies have shown that when a child’s activities are appreciated they will perform better. School is an alien environment for your child. You need to work with the school and tell them about his or her talent. Consequently, the teachers will keep that in mind when giving a task. And when your child does well in the task, they should be rewarded. This will make them want to reinforce the event.

Have your Child’s Genius Tested with a Specialist

Like any skill, even natural talent requires coaching and testing. This will allow you and your child to understand where you stand and plan for the future. Start with a simple IQ test. Then try to figure out ways to stimulate your child’s mind into improving. A specialist can test your child’s fundamental ability. Allowing them to grow slowly but surely.

To further learn about the genius in children, watch this video:

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