Yoga will Greatly Improve your Child’s Body in an Exciting Way

There are many strengths to our bodies that we may never uncover, but if your child starts early, they’ll reap plenty. Starting with just sheer flexibility and then following with a feeling of freedom, yoga opens us to ourselves. It will help them in many ways. Physically it will allow them to sit and act in comfortable ways. Mentally it will allow them to think calmly.

To begin, a simple yet effective approach would be to start with stretches:

Yoga starts with the Intention

Your child should understand that a plan alone is not enough. They need to accept why they are doing it. The intention is important as it allows your child to feel free during the process. Teach them to loosen their bodies after a school’s day of work. This will make the process more enjoyable as it connects your child’s mind to something they enjoy. It is simple training to refresh themselves for something they like.

Tell Your Child a Story with Yoga

A story will not only keep them capitivated but keep them coming for more. You can use yoga to allow your child to form certain objects along an educational story. For example, they can act as the horse as they run on all fours. They can become a tree when standing on one leg. This allows your child to immerse themselves in the process.

Set Some Rules and Plans for Yoga

You child can hurt themselves or another during the process. Teach them to stay on their own mat. Refrain from focusing on an exercise that hurts your child. They will grow flexible during the process but a faster pace may break their immersion. If your child knows what is expected of them during the process they will find it easier. This may as well allow themselves to start scheduling activities in their head.

Make it into an Interactive Yoga Session

You can bond better with your child if you participate, as well. You can help demonstrate some positions better by doing it and your child can reciprocate. Maybe you can hold a contest as to which of you can hold a certain position longer. Or just how far can your hand reach. Even trying out games such as Twister may only add to the fun. That is what is important here, the fun. If your child does not enjoy the process they will not be willing to try it again.

Here is a fun video for your child to learn the skill comfortably.

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