Top Matric Schools from Peshawar District in 2020

Peshawar district is the center of quality institutions specifically for the province, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. While the district still ranks lower compared to Punjab districts and Islamabad, several schools in Peshawar are gaining ground for their academic excellence and upgraded curriculum. With an initiative to rank institutes generating best matriculation system and results, this article highlights the top 10 large matric schools in Peshawar district based on their SSC results and BISE ranking.

BISE ranking for best matric schools in Peshawar

Schools in Peshawar are mostly administered by Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education Peshawar (BISEP), followed by Federal Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education (FBISE). Top 10 schools based on results of SSC 2019-2020 include the following:

RankInstitute NameBoardAppearedPassedA+ GradeA Grade% PassedBISE Score
1Peshawar Model Girls High School BISE Peshawar38238233344100 %2155
2Peshawar Model Girls High School IIBISE Peshawar28928925331 100 %2087
3Peshawar Model Boys School IIBISE Peshawar31031022664100 %2087
4Frontier Children AcademyBISE Peshawar23123120820100 %2070
5Peshawar Model Boys School IIIBISE Peshawar28628624140100 %2055
6Peshawar Model Boys School IVBISE Peshawar30330113610399.34 %2047
7Peshawar Model Boys School VBISE Peshawar377377170104100 %2014
8Peshawar Model Boys School IBISE Peshawar18818812756100 %1994
9Islamia Collegiate SchoolBISE Peshawar51951932995100 %1985
10Forward Public Schools Girls HayatabadBISE Peshawar17917913841100 %1949

Top Medium Matric Schools in Peshawar

Apart from the top large schools listed by BISE for Peshawar district, there are several medium scale schools that have large number of high achievers in matric examinations for 2020.

Institute NameBoardAppearedPassedA+ GradesA Grades% PassedBISE Score
Frontier Youth Academy HayatabadBISE Peshawar1311311256100 %2037
Frontier Scouts Cadet CollegeBISE Peshawar7272675100 %2042
Qurtuba Public School and College GirlsBISE Peshawar94948113100 %2016
Army Public School and College GirlsFBISE 8888N/AN/A100 %2006
Frontier Science Academy for GirlsBISE Peshawar71715911100 %2002
University Model School GirlsBISE Peshawar1531536249100 %2000
Warsak Model School and College for GirlsBISE Peshawar1011017420100 %1977
Presentation Convent High School GirlsBISE Peshawar96965823100 %1969
Agricultural University Public School and College GirlsBISE Peshawar79794430100 %1960
Garrison Army Public SchoolFBISE8484N/AN/A100 %1957
Source: BISE Peshawar

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