All-Rounded Hifz Programmes in Islamabad

‘Hafiz-e-Quran’ is truly a noble title and many parents aspire for their children to gain religious education. For a long time, this meant taking young children out of mainstream schools and sending them to religious institutes. After completion, these students would resume their main education. Most students would then go on to cover the missed syllabus with the help of private tutors. In recent years, new schools have moved away from Madrassa format of Hifz programmes.

Over the years, many felt that Hifz-e-Quran needs to be a comprehensive study. It was felt students should be offered a strong basic foundation in religious education. Therefore, many new schools have emerged with a particular emphasis on religious and moral education. They aim to effectively merge the two previously separate types of studies and to nurture the love of religion in students from an early age.

While some of these schools engage students in a dual education programme, others have specially designed curriculums that allow students to take a break from other subjects for Hifz programme and then restart the schooling. Both systems stand their merits. Supporters of ‘one study at a time’ propose that by allowing students to focus on only one task at a time, they are able to focus better and achieve their target in lesser time. On the other hand proponents, of merged systems believe in a ‘slow and steady’ method enabling students to remain in touch with the rest of the subjects as well.

Irrespective of the method selected, the prominent feature of modern religious institutes is they believe a young ‘Hafiz’ should not only learn Quran but also be knowledgeable in the basic matters of religion. It enables them to understand the importance of Quran as well as the honor of becoming a Hafiz. They put a strong emphasis on their moral and ethical training to enable them to become exemplary individuals.

Here are three main institutes in Islamabad that you can consider for a comprehensive religious education and a Hifz programme for both girls and boys.

AIMS Education System

Located in H-8 sector of Islamabad, Aims Education System has a unique curriculum designed to merge religious education within the modern education system. The school offers classes from primary level but Hifz sessions begin from class 5. However, the impressive feature of the school is that they introduce Arabic as well as focused subjects on Sunnah and Islamic history. Their vision is to build a stronger connection with religion from the very beginning. Young children are particularly taught about the life of Prophet Muhammad (p.b.uh) with the intent to seed love for the Holy Prohphet. They enable students to understand Sunnah and its importance in their daily lives. Hifz classes are offered from class 5 onwards. Along with the Hifz classes, the rest of the subjects continue in their evening session.

Muhammad’s Scholars

The school is situated in E-11 and is currently offering education from primary classes to class 7. They begin Hifz sessions from class 5 and offer the option to focus solely on it. They target to help finish Hifz within 2 years. Muhammad’s Scholars also has a speial religious education curriculum for the primary students. They start Nazra and Arabic language teaching from early grades to build a strong base of students for Hifz. Once the students complete Hifz, they move on to accelerated revision programmes where they cover the remaining curriculum. This way, they prepare their students for senior grades and examination.

AlHuda International School

AlHuda is a well-known religious education institute. The organisation has set up an incredible school system by the name of AlHuda International School. The school system provides modern education with a prominent focus on the religious and moral training of the students. They also offer well rounded Hifz programmes. The Hifz students take a break from the other school subjects. However, the school continues to offer sports and development classes to these students. For the students who do not enroll in Hifz programme, the school offers additional courses on religious education. These include Quranic recitation and translation along with the study of Arabic language. It is an equally good option for parents who are not opting for Hifz programme but aim to incorporate religious education within the formal education of their children.

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