Essential Life Skills Children need to know by 10

Have you ever wondered why children are so dependent on parents especially their mothers? Do you recognize that by 40s, most women in Pakistan seem more agitated and frustrated with burden of house chores and looking after kids? The intention is not to imply in any way that mothers around the globe don’t face similar issues. However, culturally, Pakistani children are more dependent on their families even past 30s, men surpassing women in this regard. That is because we are so engrossed with developing their academic skills that we ignore essential life skills for children to be able to survive in real world. More working moms and studying or working abroad or in other cities alone highlight the need for this change. With children being natural learners, parenting style in Pakistan needs a modern shift towards making our younger generation more helpful, empathetic, independent and ready to face the world.

The parenting paradigm has shifted a great deal in Pakistan since past few years. The global exposure of both parents and children through internet is a revolution in itself. We are now more informed about how children grow up in other parts of the world, what other parenting practices are exercised there and what are the benefits and flaws in our own parenting styles. With more working moms in Pakistan today, we come across more independent and self-reliant children these days. It is now evident that chores and skills that children learn at young age, tend to stay with them forever. The basic life skills required for today’s generation is more than just cleaning and cooking. So let’s learn about some essential life skills that every child needs to know by age 10.

7 Essential Life Skills for Children

Children are natural and fast learners. There is no limit to number of skills they can learn at each developmental stage. However, there are some of the modern life skills that are essential for children to learn.

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