Ask the Child Psychologist: Learning, Behavior & Emotions of Preschoolers – Part I

Children from age 2-6 years are considered to be at the most crucial stage of their mental development. Most parents, in this phase, often consider themselves out on limb by sending their children in formal school environment. There are a variety of factors that need to be clarified regarding preschoolers, role of parents, teachers, school staff and psychological aspect of child development.
Dr. Ayesha Nazir, an integrative counselor and therapist from Islamabad gave insight into numerous psychological aspects of child development and relevant significance of parents’ and teachers’ role in it. Here is a little introduction to our guest.

Too Young for Preschool? Appropriate age for Kids to Join Preschool

Dr. Ayesha highlighted the dilemma that parents in today’s world are facing regarding sending off kids to preschools when there are several debates regarding the ideal age for sending kids to schools.

Role of Teachers and Parents in Development of Preschool Children

The growing tendency of parents to consider preschools as solely responsible for growth and development of children is strongly disapproved by many experts. Dr. Ayesha stresses on the need of parents to play their part in these significant years of child development.

Factors to Consider in School Selection

Dr. Ayesha highlighted several factors that parents need to consider in preschool selection. From school’s vision to teacher to child ratio or school curriculum, parents need to evaluate significance of each factor and what impact it has on children.

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