Should Schools Really Open Up during the Pandemic?

Our children’s safety is always scratching our minds, and the fact that schools are going to be opening during this perilous pandemic does not sit well with some. Let’s have a look at some countries where classes are currently in session.Still a mystery about the true nature of the coronavirus, there is much belief that children under the age of 18 are less likely to catch the illness. Others also believe that children have a lower chance of spreading the disease compared to the elderly too.Pan-European research indicated that while the fatality in children is low, some cases do end up as extremes.

Israel opened up schools and was in for a rude awakening as cases sprang up, but the nation did not set up a strong parlay to prevent the cases as social gatherings were allowed to run rampant. Though this is still a vague area as every nation treated the case differently, some had a strong emphasis on wearing masks while others on social distances, and then some neglected the virus.

Norway and Denmark seem to have been successful. Improving upon the sanitation and enforcing social distancing, Denmark split students into mini-groups of 12, who also arrived at different times and performed activities separately.

A number of countries are trying unique methods to hinder the spread by separate times for breaks and lunch or classes in the afternoon.

Germany has assigned individual work tables for each student kept 6 feet away from one another. Other countries are shifting the work week and students who have been tested negative are allowed to enter without a face mask which is still up for debate as not everyone will feel comfortable in such an environment.

Outliers, as there always will be, such as Finland and Sweden saw no change in the pandemic whether schools were open or shut.

The situation is still in flux as we await the much-needed news on a vaccine. For now, keep up to date with EducationalRoundUp to stay in tune with fresh news on the pandemic.

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