UN, World Bank urge to keep schools open despite COVID-19 risks

UNITED NATIONS: The United Nations and World Bank on Wednesday claimed for schools to remain open despite the novel coronavirus risks. In a new report, the organisations highlighted the damage the pandemic has inflicted on children’s education, especially in poor nations. Report says that children in indigent countries suffered in education since the pandemic began early this year.

Robert Jenkins, education chief at the UN children’s fund UNICEF declared that prioritising reopening schools and providing much-needed catch-up classes are critical. He also added in a statement that we don’t need to look far to see the destruction the pandemic has caused to children’s learning across the world.

UN cultural agency UNESCO and the World Bank also says that it is essential for countries to invest immediately in school systems to reduce the widening gap between the education provided in poor and rich countries because of the pandemic. The report from UNICEF, UNESCO and the World Bank was based on information collected from nearly 150 nations between June and October.

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