Several Private Schools Get Permission to Conduct Weekly Classes

The Regulatory Authority for Private Educational Institutions (PEIRA) allowed schools and colleges, without enough equipment for online teaching, to call students on campus to distribute homework weekly. On November 23, the government had ordered the closure of all institutions across the country till January 10, 2021. Schools and colleges were directed to conduct online classes till December 24 to protect students from COVID-19.

On September 8, the regulator issued a notification that instructed all schools and colleges to adhere to COVID-19 SOPs when students resume classes on campus. However, the second wave in the pre-winter period forced the authorities to order the closure of all institutions. In early November, the Interprovincial Conference of Ministers of Education (IPEMC) allowed schools to call students during the week for one or two days, but further suggested that the final policy in this regard will be decided by the respective provincial departments of education. PEIRA initially restrained all educational institutions from calling students.

The regulator now allows institutions without online teaching facilities to call students once or twice a week to do their homework. The new decision will be implemented until the winter holidays, which will start on December 26th. Health experts have shown concern over the pandemic cycle, which has worsened after winters hit. Experts predict COVID-19 to become more destructive as the winter season expected to boost in coming few weeks. Schools and colleges will have to wait until the first week of January next year when a federal cabinet meeting is scheduled for final decision before all schools reopen.

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