Punjab Educational Boards Changing The Exam Pattern

The educational boards of Punjab, including both the Intermediate and Matriculation boards have decided to alter the exam patterns for discouraging rote learning. According to details and surveys, rote learning is when students memorize entire passages and focuses more on repetition than actual understanding of concepts. In order to eliminate rote learning, half of the new patterns will be based on reasoning and conceptual understanding, and the other halves will be theoretical.
A working paper on this has been drafted by the Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education. Now the pupils will be required to apply logic to solve the examinations rather than writing down memorized content. The boards have decided to make a high-level committee that will monitor and review the progress of the proposed idea. The committee will comprise the Additional Secretary Board, the Punjab Higher Education Commission, the textbook board, the chairmen of the boards, and the Deputy Secretary Board. The approval of the Higher Education Department will be awaited for the implementation of the final decision.

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