Islamabad : Newly passed bill makes teaching Arabic compulsory

The Senate on Monday approved the Compulsory Teaching of the Arabic Language Bill 2020 which makes teaching of the Arabic language mandatory in primary and secondary schools in Islamabad. The ‘Compulsory Teaching of Arabic Language Bill 2020’ was introduced by the PML-N Senator, Javed Abbasi, in August 2020, according to which the Arabic language will be taught from Classes I to V and Arabic grammar from Classes VI to XII.

The bill will become an act of the Parliament after its passage from the National Assembly and will be implemented within the next six months. Abbasi said Arabic is the world’s fifth most-widely spoken language and the official language of 25 countries. He emphasised that learning Arabic could open up more job opportunities for Pakistanis in the Middle East and lead to lower unemployment and increased allowances. He also said the Holy Quran and daily prayers were read in Arabic and “we would not go through the problems we are currently facing if we understood the Holy Quran.

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