STEM Education in Pakistan: All You Need to Know

STEM Education in Pakistan is still a relatively new approach. Parents are often found confused by various education systems that are offered in Pakistan. Some of the previously available systems include National Curriculum, CIE (Cambridge International Examination) and IB (International Baccalaureate) system. However, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) is an emerging approach to education that holds far more potential to direct the future generation towards the upcoming 4th Industrial Revolution i.e. the era of Technology. In our recent interview with Fatima Ali, headmistress for SOAR STEM School, we have gained an extensive insight into the details of this approach. Therefore, to understand the STEM Education and its features, this interview is all you need to know about the system. For complete interview, click here.

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Here is a brief introduction to our guest.

How did STEM schools Managed Education During the Pandemic?

Fatima Ali, Headmistress at SOARS STEM School, explains her experience with online education during the pandemic.

What is STEM Education?

Ms. Fatima Ali elaborates on STEM approach to education, the teaching methodology and ideology behind it.

Assessment Method in STEM Schools

Ms. Fatima elaborates on assessment methods at STEM schools and what similarities or differences it has with Cambridge, SSC or IB School Systems.

Real Life Application of STEM

Ms. Fatima sheds light on various real life applications of STEM Education by discussing different fields and aspects of life where STEM is applicable.

Why is STEM Education Significant for countries like Pakistan?

Ms. Fatima stresses on the need to implement practical approach to education through STEM Education and the benefits it has for developing economies.

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